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When you want to begin archery, the first thing you need is a bow. The type of bow you choose will depend on what you are going to do with it. If you want the bow for target practice, you will want one type of bow, and if you are going to hunt with the bow, you'll want another type. The target bows are generally longer and have a light draw strength while a hunting bow will be shorter and have heavy draw strength.

When you are going to get a bow you want to make sure your get a bow with the right draw length. This is how far you can pull the bow completely back. To find the perfect length, try the bow out in the store. You should be able to hold the bow and bring it back so that it is just behind or even with your jaw bone. You also have to check the draw weight. Be careful you don't get a bow with too heavy a draw weight as you will tire easily after only a few shots. You should look for something that is fairly easy for you to pull back.

There are different types of bows, one being a compound bow. A compound bow makes it easier to pull it back all the way once you pass a certain point. It is easier to get the full power out of a compound bow than other bow types. However, if you are going in the direction of target shooting competitions, be careful as most don't allow compound bows.

If you are buying a bow for someone other than yourself, you have to think about the person that will use it. Are they to young for a certain bow? Are they not strong enough to have a bow that you can hunt with? Keep these and other questions in mind while you are shopping. Once you find the bow, make sure you understand the return policy since you are unsure if it will be a hit.

Remember, you should only shoot a bow at a archery range or in the woods alone. Arrows that go off into the woods may cause injury to someone you didn't see.

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